Swedenborg Hall 2016

Swedenborg 2016 (3)

We were invited back to present for the Magic Lantern Society’s annual meeting at Swedenborg Hall in London.

As magic Lanternists, you quite often come across slide sets depicting great religious themes. At our last meeting here we ended up with 2 sets of Pilgrim’s Progress, a famous 17th religious allegory. At one time Pilgrim;s Progress was the second best selling book after the bible and was also a very popular Magic Lantern slide series for Sunday Schools. We have been unsure about how to present these artifacts to a secular multi cultural audience. Also the language is beautiful but very difficult for modern ears to follow. We decided to present our own revised version. I won’t give away the ending, but I will say our adventurer does not find God this time. Instead, we asked the audience to judge and choose his fate.