Wild Women of the Weald


Many women who were tempted to Tunbridge Wells by the promise of a Spa. The place was soon over run and locals became concerned that this was no longer a quiet rural town. Late a night they would collect up bag of city women, drive them out of town set them free out in the woods.

The women lived wild in the wood, hunting wild boar and being a nuisance to farmers. Though it seemed cruel to leave them there, they were set free from the patriarchal society that insisted chasing boar was un-lady-like. Many of the women were much happier this way.

For Museums at Night onĀ 17th May 2014 we had the opportunity to produce an special 1 hour show using Tunbridge Wells Museum’s collection of antique slides. These included many slides taken by the founders of Tunbridge Wells Museum taken during their travels across the globe as well as many collections of fairy stories and educations lecture. It was a wonderful fun to go through their collection and work with such a range of original material.